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How to take CBD

CBD—short for cannabidiol—is one of the most common, well-known, and studied cannabinoids. It is not known to cause the intoxicating, euphoric effects that THC does (in fact, it may help reduce these effects), and it may be helpful in reducing inflammation, seizures, and anxiety, and in improving sleep. (Read our article, “What is CBD?” to learn more)

Many people are familiar with CBD oil as a way to consume medical CBD, but you actually have many options now. If CBD is indicated as part of your treatment plan, here are some of the formats you and your healthcare provider may want to consider: 

CBD Softgels

CBD softgels are filled with CBD-dominant cannabis extract dissolved in a food-grade carrier oil. They offer you a convenient and discreet option for your medication, and make it easy to ensure a consistent dose every time.

It may take 30 minutes–2 hours to begin feeling the effects of ingested CBD softgels after consumption, and the effects may last up to 12 hours or more. Some effects could last as long as 24 hours. 

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CBD oils are made from cannabis cultivars that produce CBD predominantly, and very little THC. The cannabis extract derived from these flowers is decarboxylated (heated, to activate its cannabinoids), then diluted with a food-grade carrier oil to make a product you can take orally. 

Depending on how it’s packaged, the oil may be taken using a syringe, or as a spray. In either case, CBD oils offer a consistent and easily measurable dose of CBD every time. 

As with other ingested cannabis products, it may take 30 minutes–2 hours to begin feeling the effects of CBD oils, and the effects may last up to 12 hours or more. Some effects could last as long as 24 hours. 

A couple of important notes about CBD oil

First, medical CBD oil should only be taken orally, and never smoked or vapourized.

Second, medical CBD oil is not the same as “CBD drops” or “CBD tinctures,” even though you will sometimes see the terms used interchangeably. We recommend you always and only purchase medical CBD oil from a licensed producer, so you can be certain of its contents, and that it has undergone proper, regulated testing. 

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CBD-Dominant Flower

As mentioned above, there are specific cannabis cultivars that produce CBD predominantly, and very little THC. These cultivars are generally available as dried whole flower (commonly called “buds”) or in a milled (“prepared” or “ground”) form that is ready for use in a vapourizer. 

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CBD-Dominant Products From Spectrum Therapeutics

You may already be familiar with the Spectrum Framework—our straightforward colour-coding system designed to simplify the understanding of medical cannabis and to help healthcare professionals and patients communicate clearly about product selection. 

Within the framework, CBD-dominant products are colour-coded yellow.  

The Spectrum Shop contains a full collection of yellow-coded medical cannabis products, including: 

  • Yellow Softgels
  • Yellow Cannabis Oil
  • Yellow Flower 
  • Tweed CBD Softgels

Other CBD-dominant products, such as those described above, may enter the shop as they become available—sometimes for a limited time only—so it’s worth checking often to see the current selection. 

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