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What Is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)?

PTSD is a harmful mental disorder that can appear because of a traumatic experience. People who experience combat, sexual assault, an accident such as a car crash or natural disaster can develop PTSD. Due to the traumatic nature it is normal to be frightened, and have trouble sleeping shortly after the event. If these symptoms persist for more than few months you may have PTSD. For some people PTSD symptoms may come and go and can also appear suddenly. Since PTSD can happen to anyone it is in no way a reflection of that person. Certain factors can increase risk for developing PTSD most noteworthy is the length and intensity of the traumatic experience.

The symptoms of PTSD usually fall under:

Reliving the traumatic event: This can consist of nightmares and bad memories or what is called a flashback where you feel like your going through the event.

Avoiding situations that remind you of the event: Trying to avoid talking and thinking of the event, or going to places and meeting people who remind you of the event.

Have more negative beliefs and feelings: The way you think about the yourself and others may change. You may feel guilt or shame. You may be depressed or find it difficult to enjoy activities you use to find fun. Hyper-arousal: You may feel more alert. You may feel on edge or have trouble sleeping.

Can Medical Cannabis help treat PTSD?

Medical Cannabis’s history as a treatment option for various conditions is gaining support. New scientific studies are getting approved and as a result the science is coming through. With these control trials there has been a lot of debate over whether medical Cannabis for PTSD is a possible solution. Their is countless anecdotal evidence that medical Cannabis is a useful treatment option for PTSD.  


Zachary Walsh a clinical psychologist said he found “that Cannabis is most effective for people who are anxious, in pain and who were trying hard to cope effectively with that”. Due to this it is not surprising that medical Cannabis is a treatment option for PTSD. Anxiety is a very real problem with people who suffer from PTSD. Medical Cannabis can be the right treatment to better manage PTSD symptoms and improve quality of life.


In conclusion it looks like medical Cannabis for PTSD provides mostly symptomatic relief. Their is a lot of anecdotal evidence that medical Cannabis for PTSD can improve ones quality of life. Medical Cannabis for PTSD works better than current medication and remains a valid option.

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