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What Is Fibromyalgia?

Cannabis for fibromyalgia is seeing increased use to manage this debilitating condition. Fibromyalgia is a condition that involves chronic wide spread pain. Other symptoms of this condition involve chronic fatigue, insomnia, joint stiffness, headaches, digestive problems and anxiety. This is a debilitating condition and some people feel unable to handle the pain of everyday tasks such as household chores like laundry or cleaning. Fibromyalgia seems to be twice as more common in women than in men.

Medical Cannabis is being studied for effective use at relieving the pain from fibromyalgia. A study done by the National Pain Foundation found that in 1300 people the drug Duloxetine which is normally prescribed for the pain

  • 8% found it helped a lot
  • 32% found it helped a little bit
  • 60% found it didn't help

Now Lets compare these results with the results they found for medical Cannabis

  • 62% found it helped a lot
  • 33% found it helped a little bit
  • 5% found it didn't help

Those results are definitely creating a pretty good case to treat fibromyalgia with medical Cannabis alone. Now according to Zachary Walsh a speaker on Ted Talk and a clinical psychologist said from a followup study on people who use Cannabis to treat anxiety and pain together "what we found was that Cannabis was most effective amongst individuals who were anxious, in pain, and were trying hard to cope effectively with that pain. Cannabis was least effective for people who used avoidant and self-blaming type of coping."

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