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What Is Bulimia Nervosa?

Bulimia victims can potentially run the range of negative emotional symptoms. They can be manic, depressed, anxious, self-medicating, moody and disinterested in activities that do not further the weight loss goal. Another physical symptom of bulimia nervosa is increased exercise. If the body is not getting enough nutrients, exercise will sap what is left. Increased exercise in extreme cases can result in death through various organ malfunctions and failures.

Can Medical Cannabis help treat Bulimia Nervosa?

Cannabis has been shown to treat the symptoms of bulimia and some of the underlying causes. Medical Cannabis can be able to help by calming the hyper energy that drives a person with bulimia to continue exercising despite the body?s protests.
Cannabis stereotypically makes a person less motivated. While this is a stereotype and not always true, it is often true while the effects are taking place. With the help of a doctor, bulimia sufferers can try this method of decreasing obsessive behavior.


Cannabinoids attach to the same receptors as endocannabinoids, meaning they can affect the same sensations affected by the body?s natural endocannabinoids, such as hunger. So if cannabis can help patients keep a few extra pounds on their bodies, it makes sense that people credit it as their gateway to recovery.


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