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Some Useful Information About Medical Cannabis You May Not Know About!


The compound in CBD is nonpsychoactive (meaning it does not produce the "high" associated with Cannabis use), making it a safe and effective option


Although smoking is thought to be the most common form of ingestion, medical Cannabis products are available as softgels, ingestible oil, and dried flower


Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa are the two main varieties of the Cannabis plant however there are many original landrace genetics off both varieties.


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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions, links to related websites and downloadable documentation.

There are several reasons why having a prescription to access medical Cannabis is advantageous. 

Here Are A Few Key Points:

COVERED BY INSURANCE Covered under medical prescription by most major providers

MEDICAL TAX WRITE OFF Applicable against your tax returns 

SUPERVISED BY A PHYSICIAN Professional Physicians will provide all of the education and counseling to help you get started   

BETTER PRICING & SELECTION Purchasing directly from licensed producers means better pricing.

CONVENIENCE Easy online ordering with often same day shipping to your door

No, the highway traffic act states that you cannot operate a vehicle while under the influence. Cannabis falls under this stipulation.

No, it is not acceptable to work under the influence of Cannabis.

We feel it is important that everyone understands that all physicians in Canada are capable of filling out the required documents and paperwork. However, we have found that many physicians and specialists are unwilling to provide this service for their patients either because they are unfamiliar with the process or are not comfortable. Bodystream is here to provide a service for people who are unable to get the assistance they need. Plus our staff and doctors are trained and have experience to ensure you get the most out of your treatment.

No, you do not need a referral to use our services. However we always advise everyone to contact their doctor first and explain what they are investigating.

No you do not have to inform your family doctor, however it is a good idea to always let your family doctor know how you are being treated. Our doctor is only here to help you with medical Cannabis. They will not help you with other health care needs unrelated to medical Cannabis.

Insurance coverage varies from person to person. At this point most insurance companies do not cover the cost, however we have heard of some people getting coverage. We suggest you contact your insurance company to find out for sure.

The dosage is determined during your appointment with the doctor. The maximum allowable dosage is 5 grams per day or 150 grams per month.

Unfortunately the doctor does not have all the resources to complete a full diagnosis of your condition. For this reason we need to rely on a previous diagnosis of a condition that may be suitable to treat with medical Cannabis.

If you have a pre diagnosed condition that Cannabis might be effective in treating, you just need a physician to fill out the appropriate documents and send them to a licensed producer (LP). An LP will then issue you a card once you order. If you do not have a physician who is familiar with recommending Cannabis, simply fill out our contact form on the right side of this screen or you can call or email us. call: 1-800-730-8210 email: doctors@bodystream.ca

Asking your healthcare provider or specialist is the easiest way. We can provide you with a Medical Release form to give your doctor, so they can send the documents right to us.

The recommended way to use Cannabis is with a vaporizer. We can provide you with information on how to obtain the best vaporizers for your needs.

The process is relatively simple. Once you have established that medicinal Cannabis might be a suitable option to treat your condition, you need to speak with a doctor familiar with the uses of Cannabis (that?s where we come in). During your appointment the doctor will fill out all of the required documents and send them to a licensed producer of your choice. Once the licensed producer has your documents, there is a verification process and then they will contact you directly to process your order. From there the medicinal Cannabis is delivered directly to your door.

We can usually provide you with an appointment within 2 weeks or less of getting your information. Once your doctors appointment is complete it can take up to 2-3 weeks for the licensed producer to process your account, however we have found that many producers take much less time than this.

The price varies depending on producer and strain. Typically you can expect to pay between $5-$12 per gram. Some producers have discounts for people with limited or fixed income. We can help you select the best producer for your needs.

Yes, we have found that veterans affairs will cover most of the costs associated with medical Cannabis use including the cost of vaporizers. Contact us and we can help you with all of the forms required by veterans affairs Canada.

A recent court ruling has allowed Licensed Producers to supply various forms of Cannabis. Ask us about various products that the Licensed Producers have available.

No. There are no fees associated with completing your medical document.

Not necessarily. There are 2 main components to Cannabis: THC and CBD. THC is what makes you feel high, while CBD contains many of the anti-inflammatory components. Many of the LP?s are producing strains of Cannabis that have almost exclusively CBD. Ask your doctor at the time of the appointment about various options.

Your doctor does not need to know the reason for your documents. You are entitled to view your medical records at any time.

A great alternative to smoking is using a vaporizer. Licensed producers are currently able to produce Oils, capsules, and gelcap.

Doctor referrals or notes from your specialist, X-rays, Mri’s prescription lists, any documentation that shows a clear diagnosis of your condition.

You may only travel within Canada. If you travel outside of Canada you are subject to their local laws and regulations. When travelling with Cannabis you must ensure it is in the original packaging and that you have your ID card on you. 

A Licensed Producer or LP of Cannabis is basically a custom pharmacy that deals specifically with different strains of Cannabis.

The urine sample is for our internal records only and we do not share the results with anyone. This is a great way to check for any underlying health conditions and confirm that there won’t be any drug interactions with your current medications.

The college of Physicians and Surgeons requires that physicians have frequent follow ups with patients to ensure that proper care and supervision is provided.


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