Patients Search Far for Medical Marijuana Prescription

DULUTH—Almost three years after marijuana was legalized for some medical purposes in Minnesota, some providers, patients and patients’ loved ones say the program is frustrating, and the medicine, for many, is unaffordable.

“I just think it’s so sad why we can’t set up a program that someone would find easier than (it is),” said Pat Mullen of Duluth. “They’ve got to find a way to inform people.”

When Mullen’s fiancee, the late Linnea Stephan, was fighting brain cancer, they sought a prescription for medical marijuana to counter the nausea caused by chemotherapy, he said. But they couldn’t find any oncologist at either Essentia Health or St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth willing to certify her for that condition.

Unable to find a certifying provider in Duluth, the couple turned to a Twin Cities clinic.

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SOURCE: Lundy, J. (2018, April 10). Grand Forks Herald. Minnesota medical marijuana users struggle with cost, finding doctors to prescribe. Retrieved from

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