Marijuana for Parkinson’s Patient

Last year, news broke that the greater part of British MPs is supporting a call to authorize weed for medical use. Presently, numerous clients are approaching to voice support for the measure. One such supporter and patient, 55-year old Ian Frizell, took to YouTube to show how cannabis has significantly helped and enhanced his life. You can see this video by clicking the youtube button.


Frizell experiences Parkinson’s Disease, which causes alarming side effects, for example, full-body tremors and Dystonia, which makes the muscles in his foot twist over, getting to be plainly unusable. Frizell clarifies that not long ago, he experienced stimulation surgery to embed a medical gadget that covers the impacts of Parkinson’s.

Frizell said he needed to show how even a little measurements of medicinal pot takes brisk and constructive outcomes on his condition. To start with, he quit taking his doctor prescribed medicine, and killed his brain stimulation device.

Ian clarified that “What you are seeing here is my Parkinson’s tremor with positively no pharmaceutical at all. I can’t endure the professionally prescribed medicine for Parkinson’s disease. They make me feel to a greatly unwell”.

Frizell also explained that his Dystonia had lessoned considerably and his voice was stronger, making it easier to get words out.

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