Ontario Government Considering $10 a Gram For Legal Marijuana

The Ontario Government is considering a retail price of around $10 a gram for legalized marijuana.

That $10 fee — estimated after New Brunswick signed deals with two suppliers last week — is on the radar as officials here determine a price for recreational marijuana when it becomes legal next July 1, says Finance Minister Charles Sousa. “It’s certainly something we’re giving consideration to,” Sousa told reporters. “We’re trying to work with all of our colleagues across Canada,” Sousa said, noting federal and provincial finance ministers will meet later this year on pricing and taxation levels. “The intent is to have some uniformity with these prices across Canada.” It’s crucial to have prices in line with neighbouring jurisdictions and to “ensure it’s not overly expensive” to avoid fueling illegal sales in the underground economy, Sousa added.

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SOURCE: Ferguson, R. (September 20, 2017). Ontario considers price of $10 per gram in government stores for marijuana once it’s legalized next summer. Toronto Star. Retrieved from https://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2017/09/20/ontario-considers-price-of-10-per-gram-in-government-stores-for-marijuana-once-its-legalized-next-summer.html

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