New Study on Cannabis and Brain

A new scientific study seems to show that marijuana doesn’t actually shrink or lower the volume of regions of the brains like earlier studies seemed to indicate. This study was a lot more thorough by accounting for tobacco, age, health and alcohol consumption so it is the most accurate study as of yet. Results indicate that the study shows no correlation to daily marijuana smoke and physical changes in the brain.

According to iflscience “For the study, 29 adult daily marijuana users were enrolled, alongside 29 adult non-users. A group of 50 adolescent daily users were also recruited, once again alongside a sample of 50 adolescent non-users. Importantly, the researchers closely matched the groups on many possible confounding variables, such as depression, age, tobacco use and gender. Furthermore, they were matched on alcohol use to a much greater extent than previous studies.”

After the study MRI scans were carried out on the participants and using statistical analysis the study failed to find any differences between both groups. This seems to contradict previous studies that found significant correlations but according to the researches this could be due to the previous experiments failing to control for alcohol abuse effectively.

This study does have it’s limitations though which are important to note. It did not take into account socioeconomic factors and history of marijuana use. It also does not establish causality. Learn more at 

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