National Marijuana Business lead by Former RCMP Officer

In another sign the legalization of marijuana is spurring a seismic shift in Canadian society, the former head of the RCMP drug squad now runs a pot company.

A man who spent years policing the illegal drug trade is part of a new wave of entrepreneurs poised to cash in when pot becomes legal in July.

But Derek Ogden, president of National Access Cannabis, doesn’t see his career change as a 180.

His policing experience put him in an ideal position to understand the marijuana business, he says. For the last five years of his 27-year career with the Mounties, he was in charge of drug enforcement and organized crime for RCMP across Canada, rising to the rank of chief superintendent.

He’s seen the marketing and selling of pot up close.

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SOURCE: Crosby, J. (2017, December 4). Global NEWS. Former head of RCMP drug squad now leads national marijuana business. Retrieved from

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