Marijuana and Angina Pectoris

on Monday, 03 March 2014. Posted in Medical Marijuana

Angina pectoris is the result of myocardial ischemia caused by an imbalance between myocardial blood supply and oxygen demand. Ischemia can be referred to as a restriction in blood supply to certain tissues, which can cause a shortage of both oxygen and glucose, two vital component that absolutely necessary for cellular metabolism. Ischemia is generally caused be problems with the blood vessels, and can result in damage or dysfunction of bodily tissues. The main cause of angina pectoris is coronary artery disease which is normally attributed to atherosclerosis of the arteries feeding the heart.

Approximately 9.8 million Americans are estimated to suffer from Angina Pectoris annually, with 500,00 new cases of it occurring every year. Statistics also showed that… Read More

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