GrenEx Pharms is Edmonton’s First Licensed Marijuana Grow Op

After years of planning, lots of paperwork, and millions of dollars, GrenEx Pharms Inc. has finally received a licence from Health Canada; making them Edmonton’s first medical cannabis grow operation.

According to the federal government, there are only four authorized licensed producers of medical marijuana in Alberta.

“Only producers who are authorized to produce and sell to the public may sell or provide dried marijuana, fresh marijuana, cannabis oil or starting materials to eligible persons,” the government website states.

Ontario has 39 licensed producers and B.C. has 16.

“We’ve got a licence to cultivate so we can start production,” Simon said. “But we have to be operationally ready to have plants and seeds on site, so we’re still working on the last pieces of the plan to get ready.”

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SOURCE: Mertz, E. (October 31, 2017). Edmonton company ‘very excited’ to be city’s first licensed marijuana grow op. Global News. Retrieved from

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