Colombia may soon supply the world with medical cannabis

PharmaCielo is paving the way for cannabis cultivation in Colombia. They are helping rural farming communities previously under the thumb of the exploitative guerrilla groups get into growing medical cannabis.

In 2016, Colombia’s government finally struck a peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the country’s largest guerrilla group, in a bid to de-escalate the country’s 53-year civil war. Major cities like Medellín, which once experienced astronomical homicide rates, have since become world-class innovation hubs and popular tourist destinations. They’ve also begun to attract international cannabis business.

One Canadian company based in Toronto, PharmaCielo, was the very first to obtain Colombia’s comprehensive cultivation license after President Juan Manuel Santos enacted a law in late 2016 legalizing medical marijuana. The company currently runs its principal cultivation facility out of Rionegro, a small city roughly an hour outside of Medellin, Colombia. But last year, PharmaCielo also announced a partnership with Cooperativa Caucannabis, a collective of small, rural and indigenous cannabis cultivators. This partnership has the potential to legitimize and stimulate the once illicit economies of rural farming communities previously controlled by the country’s exploitative guerrilla groups and paramilitaries.

The low cost of growing medical cannabis in Colombia has the potential to benefit medical patients in other countries as well, many of whom struggle to afford the exorbitant cost of marijuana in states like California or countries like Canada.

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