Cannaburgers/Weed Burgers Recipe

Right now is a great time to grill up some burgers before winter hits, you’ll have a great smoke out with this yummy marijuana meal.

  • 2/3 to one pound of ground beef or turkey (feel free to use tofu, beans or another crush-able/mixable vegan/vegetarian substitute),
  • Approximately 0.7 to 1 gram of weed, cleaned and ground into a powder (if it is dry it is much easier to mix),
  • and salt & Pepper (or any preferred seasonings to add flavor),


  • First, take your meat and flatten it into a large circle on a clean counter-top or cutting surface. Flatten it out evenly making sure the thickness of the meat is fairly consistent.
  • Next, take your powdered marijuana and sprinkle it over the surface of the meat; you want the weed to cover the top of the meat entirely.
  • Now fold the meat over, completely enclosing the pot inside. At this point you will begin to need and work the meat to make sure the weed is evenly distributed throughout.
  • Get the remaining prep steps from Original Weed Recipes website.


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SOURCE: Original Weed Recipes. (December 9, 2016). How to Make Weed Burgers. Retrieved from

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