What are the Best and Healthiest Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana?

Consuming medical marijuana can be a tricky, contradictory process. The drug can alleviate the devastating symptoms of many long-term ailments, but if you consume cannabis through pipes, bongs, and joints, you also fill your lungs with smoke. If you’ve ever stood near a burning building or learned about the effects tobacco has on the human body, you’ll know that breathing any kind of smoke is inadvisable.

But what are your alternatives? Aside from “special brownies,” popular culture has rarely portrayed marijuana as anything but fuel for a joint. Until 2015, Canadian patients couldn’t even convert their dried marijuana buds into other forms without breaking the law. As a result of these harmful cultural and legal attitudes, the general public remains largely ignorant about the ways in which their bodies can process cannabis.

This guide aims to change that. It will give readers information about how they can get their medication without inhaling harmful smoke.

Vaporizers Eliminate Harmful Smoke

A vaporizer may seem similar to smoking, but the process is completely discrete. As its name suggests, a vaporizer produces mist from cannabis by heating the drug up to a point just below combustion. This allows you to inhale the substance in a traditional way without getting any of the harmful smoke that a joint produces. The process is generally easy, but remember that you can’t skimp on the price of your vaporizer. Since the device still has to heat up the cannabis, it can’t have any plastic parts near its element. If it does, these objects may start to burn, creating more carcinogens than you would get with even a joint.

Edibles Allow You to Consume Marijuana with Food

There are already plenty of online resources that can tell you how to make edibles, but the process may still be obscure for beginners. Essentially, you simply need to cook cannabis buds in butter or oil and then use the resulting product in a regular recipe. The relative simplicity and diversity of this method allows you to fold cannabis into nearly any food, and there are cookbooks available that cater specifically to marijuana-based foods. But edibles offer other benefits as well. It’s easier to measure dosages with food-based medical marijuana because you know exactly how much of the substance goes into the mixture, allowing you to divide up portions more easily. Cooking cannabis also eliminates the need to smoke the substance, so it won’t cause you any undue harm.

Topicals Give You Localized Pain Relief

One of the problems with smoking cannabis is that it offers broad effects for very specific problems. You may have muscle spasms or arthritis pain in your joints, but smoking medical marijuana means you’ll feel your entire body relax. If you want to avoid this, along with the psychoactive effects that can wreak havoc on your day-to-day lifestyle, you should seek out topicals. You can apply these creams to the affected areas on your body to reduce the underlying pain. This will keep the sensation localized around your pain while allowing you to remain clear and sober throughout your day.

Tinctures Allow for Fast-Acting Treatment

Tinctures may not be well known, but they’re among of the most effective treatment options for many conditions that require medical marijuana. They can be made by letting alcohol suck up the cannabis’s chemical components. When the mixture is finished, simply take it in a dropper, stick it under your tongue and take your recommended dosage. You’ll get regulated relief without the negative health effects that come with smoking.


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