Barry Sherman was Developing a Medical Marijuana Pill

A year before his murder, the Apotex founder had agreed to work with CannTrust to produce a slow-release medical marijuana pill that would treat chronic pain, depression, PTSD and more. Sherman and others felt the “pot pill” could be a game-changer in the industry and a disrupter to Big Pharma.

“It makes sense,” Barry Sherman said to the executives around the boardroom table. “Let’s do it.”

The project to develop a slow-release medical marijuana pill was on. Just a year before his murder, Sherman gave the green light on what scientists at his generic drug firm, Apotex, and marijuana firm CannTrust call the “pharmaceuticalization of marijuana.” People suffering from chronic pain, depression, anxiety, seizures, post-traumatic stress disorder and other afflictions might one day benefit, say investors in the project.

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SOURCE: Donovan, K. (2018, March 25). Toronto Star. Barry Sherman was helping to develop ‘pot pill’ for medical marijuana users. Retrieved from

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