Alberta Businesses Eagerly Wait For the NDP’s Marijuana Plans

On Wednesday (today), Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley will unveil the NDP government’s policy framework for cannabis once the Trudeau government legalizes recreational marijuana on July 1, 2018.

Among the areas expected to be addressed by the government are the legal age for consumption, pricing and how cannabis will be distributed and sold in the province.

That last point is key for a number of businesses in the province.

Jeff Mooij, president and CEO of the 420 Clinic medical cannabis resource centre, which is looking to branch into recreational marijuana, said he expects Alberta will leave legal marijuana retail to the private sector and not follow Ontario’s path in setting up government-run stores.

Read the full article from the Calgary Herald.

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SOURCE: Wood, J. (October 3, 2017). Alberta business owners anxious to see NDP plan for legalized marijuana. Calgary Herald. Retrieved from

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